J.R. Vinagro is one of the largest, independently owned and operated demolition, recycling, and crushing companies in New England.

Based in Johnston, Rhode Island, J.R. Vinagro has the resources and experience necessary to handle all aspects of demolition from facility decontamination to on-site rock crushing to off-site waste hauling for recycling, reclamation, and disposal. The company operates 150 trucks daily and maintains a large inventory of heavy construction and demolition equipment that has been used on some of the highest profile demolition projects in the region.


J.R. Vinagro Corporation owns and operates a fully licensed C&D / transfer facility. Our C&D facility has an 86% recycling rate and we offer reclaimed material (natural aggregate, gravel, sand, and loam) for use on LEED projects.

J.R. Vinagro Corporation’s experienced staff develops and implements decontamination and demolition plans specifically tailored to each client’s unique project needs. Our waste management programs and material tracking systems comply with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED requirements for project certification.

J.R. Vinagro is a proud member of the National Demolition Association, US Green Building Council, Construction Materials Recycling Association, and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.


J.R. Vinagro Corporation is fully bonded and insured. We have historically maintained an EMR below 1.0 and our OSHA recordable incident rate is well below the national construction industry average.



JR Vinagro Corporation

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