INTEL Project

J.R. Vinagro was contracted to decommission and demolish more than 930,000 square feet of INTEL-owned facilities. The site consisted of multiple manufacturing facilities, utility buildings, chemical and gas buildings, a well water treatment building, and a guard shack on Reed Road in Hudson, MA. The contract included six total project phases: planning, building isolation, hazardous materials/waste removal, asset evaluation and recovery, building demolition, and site restoration.



Services Provided

Demolition & Abatement


Hudson, MA


This project posed considerable challenges related to scope, with almost one million square feet of heavy mechanical building to remove, crush, and backfill/grade—all within a timeframe of just 15 months.


J.R. Vinagro hit the ground running with a tremendous amount of equipment and personnel. The project was completed on time, under budget, and met the project’s goal to divert 90 percent of all material from landfills.