Long Island Bridge Demolition

J.R. Vinagro led the demolition of 3,400 linear feet of elevated bridge connecting Quincy, MA to Long Island, MA in Boston Harbor. Operations consisted of three types of demolition: drop-in-place, separating and floating sections to another location, and blast-in-place to load onto material barges.


Massachusetts DOT

Services Provided

Demolition & Abatement


Boston, MA


Due to environmental concerns, it was imperative that J.R. Vinagro remove the demolished bridge from the water of Boston Harbor as soon as possible. Our team worked around the clock to complete the project, removing one of the blasted spans in three consecutive shifts.


J.R. Vinagro successfully demolished the entire bridge within an extremely tight deadline. Three approach spans on the bridge were dropped in place, a channel span was cut free and floated to a bulkhead to be dismantled, and 12 remaining spans were blasted in place and removed from the ocean floor using excavators on barges. The project was executed flawlessly and completed ahead of schedule.