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Demolition and asbestos abatement work often involves confined spaces and logistically challenging project areas. At J.R. Vinagro, we plan our work to ensure efficient delivery of our services at the highest quality possible. That’s our standard for success and our guarantee to our clients and project partners.

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What Sets Our Demolition & Abatement Services Apart

Our teams at J.R. Vinagro have honed their approach to demolition and asbestos removal to guarantee the highest quality results. We are set apart by our unmatched commitment in the following areas:


Our safety record is unmatched thanks to the dedication of our people.


Our asbestos removal experts are certified in every aspect of the abatement process.


Our teams are equipped with over 150 pieces of state-of-the-art heavy machinery.


We’re dedicated to preserving our environment with sustainable practices.

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Demolition & Asbestos Abatement Capabilites

We offer comprehensive services to meet our customer’s demolition and asbestos removal needs. Our team of experts is experienced in the following areas.

Demolished building
Soil Remediation
Loading a truck
Asbestos Abatement
Welding pieces
Heavy Civil
Demolishing a building
Building Demolition
Demolishing a bridge
Bridge Demolition
Interior Demolition

Vinagro is a proactive, problem-solving partner in our most difficult projects. Their ability to navigate complexity, react quickly to field conditions, and maintain a compliant, clean, and safe site has been instrumental to our success during the construction of one of Massachusetts’ largest industrial buildings.

— Alex Escamilla, Bluewater Property Group

Working with J.R. Vinagro on Ashlar Park Quincy Project has been a great experience! The planning that went into material deliveries, manpower/equipment movement, and site accessibility for other trades was second to none. We look forward to closing this project out strong with the team and partnering up with J.R. Vinagro on future projects.

— Robert Solon, Dellbrook | JKS

Vinagro brings the expertise needed to handle any size and type of bridge project along with an unrivaled fleet of equipment. Their attention to safety and housekeeping while working adjacent to the traveling public is critical. I would not hesitate to recommend JR Vinagro as a demolition contractor for other contractors and owners on future projects.

— Daniel Kelley, Aetna Bridge Company
Vinagro equipment

Examples of Our Demolitions & Asbestos Abatement Services in the Northeast

We’re at our best in the field, working together and with our partners to find creative solutions to complex project challenges. Here are some recent examples of our work:

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